The B.O.I., or Board Of Investment ( is a Thai government office charged to manage the investments. In addition to be a consultancy office, they are able to promote some few specific projects concerning growing markets.

The B.O.I. works without distinction with foreigner of local (Thai) investors and sometimes links both of them. The BOI-Fair 2011 (postponed in Jan. 2012 due to flooding) is one of their main events ; involving both international brands as local exhibitors

The B.O.I., on September 26th 2012, promoted Duke I.C.T. Management Co. Ltd for his ERP Software as "a priority activity of special importance and benefit to the country" (Crit. 5.8).

This project, with a development time of 3 years, concerns the development of a centralized and customized software based on the Cloud and targetting freelance, SMEs needs while covering the needs of Corporates, with separated contract.