Duke ERP - Adobe Reader setup
Unfortunately, Adobe Reader 10 and 11 removed several development features and the only light, stable and complete is Adobe Reader 9. The Adobe website doesn't propose anymore this version but you can download the setup file on our DukeCloud.

Installation steps
  1. The easiest way to setup is to check and remove all existing versions of Adobe Reader / Adobe PDF Professional / Foxit etc. To do it, Go to Start menu -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> search and uninstall all Adobe Reader / Adobe PDF Professional / Foxit version.

  2. Once all the versions are removed, download and setup the file AdobeReader_9_5.zip from the shared folder of our DukeCloud.

  3. - Allow the server to auto-print the documents
    After setup the program, open it, accept the license agreement and go to :
    1. Edit -> Preferences...
    2. Select "Security (Enhanced)"
    3. Click on "Add Host" and enter the name of your server and confirm (OK) (how to find the name of your server ?)

  4. - Configure the default configuration for the labels/tickets/receipts
    Open any PDF document from your computer and click on :
    1. File -> Print...
    2. Select the "Page Scaling" options to "None"
    3. UNCHECK both "Auto-Rotate and Center" and "Choose paper source by PDF page size"
    4. Click on "OK" to print the document and automatically save these default values
If you experience any problem to configure Adobe Reader, download and execute Teamviewer_QS (can be found on our DukeCloud), and contact us to give your ID and password.