In the software development world, you have 2 main categories. The first one includes all "large public" solutions and can be customizable with difficulty to specific cases.

The other category, more fittable to extreme cases, includes customized solutions fitting only to one specific enterprise. The advantages of these solutions are considerable because, if the development team and the internal knowledge team can work together, the solution provided totally fits to the needs of this company. However, these development and maintenance processes involve high investment and fees because of the 1:1-scale work and concerns a lot of collaborators.

Duke ICT Management, after analysing these 2 groups, succeeded to technologically propose a customizable solution, managed by our own teams and able to entirely customize the software and fit to groups of customers. Linking the work by modules targetting groups of customers, Duke ICT Management develops in collaborative mode, not only between its customers and itself but also linking customers together. This method, already widely proven since several years, is proposed as standard solution to everybody, corporates or particularly SMEs.

Do you have some problems to find a customized solution fitting to your needs but prefer not choose an individualized development ? Contact us and we will manage your project with passion.