In addition to the specific pricing of our software, we also propose specific allowances, based on the case and on the work to do.


Expert allowances

Expert allowance includes any work consisting on analysing and working in several domains. By example, it can consist on analysing the ICT needs of a company, compare the local ISP market, prepare global ICT solution following the case and write a full report about it.
HOURLY RATE : 1.600 THB (Thai companies) - 75 € (oversea companies)

ICT allowances

ICT allowances consists in any work in ICT domain, i.e. network installation, computer repair, software development, server administration, ...
HOURLY RATE : 1.000 THB (Thai companies) - 50 € (oversea companies)


Graphics design includes any work, creation or retouch, design for physical support (ex : A4, business cards, etc) or virtual result (photo retouch, website layout, etc)
HOURLY RATE : 1000 THB (Thai companies) - 50 € (oversea companies)


Encoding support consists in any job to help our customer and not needing any specific skills. It can be, by example, writing the pages of a website, encoding customer list, correcting data's in the database, etc.
HOURLY RATE : 400 THB (Thai companies) - 25 € (oversea companies)