Duke I.C.T. Management Co. Ltd. offers a centralized solution, Cloud-based and allows you to easily manage your company.


The software is "server-based" and covers five key areas of SMEs, adding two other areas for Corporates. In addition to managing stock and sales, it also covers the area of Human Resources, Customer Relationship (CRM) and also the "Business Intelligence" adapted to SMEs. The two complementary modules for corporates are managing intranets and reporting & tracking resources.


  • Product Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Management manufacturers
  • Updates via swap files
  • Buy encodings, ...


  • Sales encoding
  • multi-document management : quotes, orders, dispatch notes, invoices, credit notes
  • Payment management
  • Integrated online sales
  • Subscription Management, ...


  • Customer management
  • Project management
  • Integrated electronic contact (E-Mail, SMS & web access), ...

Human Resources

  • Employee management
  • Personalized agenda
  • Multilingual interface by employee
  • Access management for the software, ...


  • Cross-statistics between the entities managed by the software
  • Results in tables, PDF, Excel (CSV), ...
  • Results in 2D/3D graphics, exported to an image or printable ...


  • Internal document management
  • Creation of web pages available directly via software
  • File views by folder, by document type, ...

Reporting & Monitoring Resources

  • Report management
  • Adaptation of forms and types of value to encode
  • Customer or enterprise resource tracking
  • Customized recorded values​
  • Monitoring the status of resources and maintenance reports, ...

Linked services

In addition to provide a solution to the customer, Duke ICT Management inevitably includes a software update service. Any improvement about software programming is included in the contract and will not be charged thereafter.


Rates include server rental, daily backups, weekly external backups and the software update.

For SMEs

The announced official price of the solution SAAS-SME (Software As A Service) is:
30,000 THB (approx. € 750 now) for the installation and adjustment fees + 4000 THB / company / month including hosting on our Cloud servers.

The official prices are indicative and for a general solution. A thorough analysis of your actual needs could possibly involves reduced rates.

For corporates

The announced official price of the SAAS-Corporate solution (Software As A Service) is:
60,000 THB (approx. € 1,500 now) for the installation and adjustment fees + 15,000 THB / company / month including hosting on our Cloud servers.

Personalized server

Given the wide range of available servers, we recommend you to contact us directly to discuss together.

Version comparison

Features Freelance SMEs CORP.
Shared server limit (# users) <=5 <20 <150
User limit <=5 <50 >50
Purchasing / Stock
Human Resources
Customer Relationship Management
Personal assistance
Intranet / Documents
Reporting & Tracking
Setup fees
--- 30,000 THB 60,000 THB
Monthly fees 1,500 THB 4,000 THB 15,000 THB