Is your business "corporate-like" ? Are you searching for a complete software to fit to all the needs of your enterprise ? Do you prefer a "Software As A Service" instead of investing in software licenses + variable maintenance fees ? Do you often work with dynamic experts ? Duke ICT Management is your ideal collaborator !

Duke ICT Management, doesn't only propose a software but also a wide range of management services for corporates. Our customized software also proposes evoluted solutions responding to the specific needs of large companies. In addition of the full "SME-like" management, our Corporate version proposes to enhance the quality of collaborative work with an intranet system and customized reporting manager. Finding information will be easier for you, even if you are not the manager of the source.

Duke ICT Management also provides wide and full customized services contracts to manage your IT ressources. All these contracts are customized and are done after an analysis of your company.

Interested in our concept of work ? Don't hesit to contact us to receive more information.