To successfully compete, SMEs can not only offer a product of quality. The customer now requires a fast and efficient sales and after-sales service, and a better communication with the seller.


A SME must now have a both internal and external, fast and efficient communication. Communication can be injective (advertising campaigns, general mailing, display, ...) or bilateral (real discussions, telephone calls, paper mail or e-mail, ...)

For a discussion which need a tracking, the customer is not interested in his main interlocutor is available or not, he wants an answer to his questions. SMEs must implement a simple system of customer process tracking, of projects so that everyone can be informed of a specific case and to efficiently answer to the customer.

In collaboration with Microsoft, Duke ICT Management offers a solution for external communication, Office 365, which, in its basic version includes effective messaging based on Exchange and, in more advanced versions, also includes a phone system, internal videophone, reporting by customer ...
Duke ICT Management also offers advanced project management and customer monitoring in his ERP for SMEs. If you want more information, do not hesitate to visit the page dedicated to our software.

Customer service

To offer a good service to customers, a CRM (customer relationship manager) may be sufficient but will not necessarily be satisfactory. Indeed, in addition to provide what a CRM manages (sales, quotations, project monitoring, targeted marketing, ...), an SME must also be able to properly offer some services. Moreover, a Corporate, following its number of employees and its storage capacity, don't have the constraints of SMEs. Yet the majority of CRM software do not care about such factors outside their areas of expertise. Duke ERP Software integrates seamlessly the link between this customer relationship and resources, both human and from production.